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Parts of a Tooth




The visible part of the tooth.


Gum Margin

The area between the crown and the root.



The part of the tooth inside the Alveolar bone that keeps the tooth in place.

Tooth Tissues

1. Enamel

A hard protective tissue that covers the crown of the tooth.

2. Dentine

The tissue that supports the enamel and absorbs the pressure of eating.

3. Pulp

Soft connective tissue containing nerves and blood vessels. The soft center of the tooth surrounded by dentine. 

4. Cementum

Covers the dentine at the root and it is attached to the bone of the jaw with little elastic fibers.

Periodontal Tissues

5. Gums

The tough pink-colored skin that covers the bone of the jaw and supports the tooth along with the alveolar bone.

6. Periodontal Ligament

The tissue between the cementum and the alveolar bone. It consists of tough little elastic fibers that keep the tooth attached to the jaw.

7. Alveolar Bone

The bone of the jaw that keeps the tooth in its place, it feeds and protects it.



The complex of soft and hard tissues that surround the tooth, keep it in place, feed and protect it.