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Beating The Competition’s Prices!

Beating The Competition’s Prices!

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Perfect Teeth Are Now Possible

Zoom Model SmilingOur dentists provide the kind of care that can help you have teeth as good as entertainers and a great smile. And you will see that not only do we offer a number of affordable options, but we also beat the prices of our competition.

We have a few ways to whiten your teeth: bonding, veneers, crowns, or whitening (bleaching). However, don’t be fooled in to purchasing over-the-counter whitening. Learn the facts about dental whitening vs. over-the-counter whitening first.

Dr. Taylor has used a number of whitening products to bleach/whiten his patient’s teeth and he has found that Zoom! teeth whitening has been the best performer out of all of the ones he has used.

Zoom Whitening